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Client Testimonials

What our clients say about Good Job Creations

Donq Singapore Pte Ltd

Director Mr. Shigeru Inoue

We have been operating Donq Bakery and MiniOne in Takashimaya Shopping Centre since April and May of 2012 respectively.

One of our first undertakings, in our bid to materialize our aspiration of "serving authentic and tasty Japanese breads in Singapore" under the shop concept of "providing Japanese flavors through Japanese expertise and service" , was the recruitment of an assistant manager who could manage and operate the outlets while upholding high Japanese service standards.

When we made a hasty request last year to 3 recruitment agencies for the referral of candidates that could be hired within a fortnight, we garnered more than 10 recommendations from the respective agencies before finally deciding on a candidate from GJC, who perfectly matched the profile of personnel sought by us. While I felt then that the 3 agencies each had unique service characteristics, GJC is outstanding in comprehending the little details of the retail business. GJC had a decent understanding of the operational abilities and qualities of personnel sought by us and their candidates were of laudable calibre.
While the nature of our human resource needs, in pursuing our business further, may gradually change, I hope that GJC can continue offering us their assistance.

KOKUYO Furniture CO., Ltd.

Managing Director Mr. Toru Hagiwara

Good Job Creation's  track record bears testimony to their stellar service quality. 

As we were in need of personnel capable of hitting the ground running shortly upon employment following the rapid expansion of our operations, we sought the services of several recruitment agencies,  with GJC being one of them.  

While the scale of the company may not be as large as others, GJC's consultants had a good grasp of the qualities of personnel sought after by us, and were both swift and meticulous in their referral of candidates that were appropriately picked from their vast network.

That many of our company's integral members were in fact introduced to us by GJC speaks for the excellence of their service standards.

Samurai Pte. Ltd,

Director / Co-founder Mr. Taiichiro Saito

Our relationship revolves mainly around the organisation of our soccer/futsal events which are assisted by GJC, whose profound knowledge of and understanding for sports and CSR can be felt from the culture of their company.

Clear decisions made in view of the goals,  a wide range of vision and agile support,  momentum that never dies out easily.

There are a lot that can be learnt from GJC and we are grateful to them.

Studio Beam Pte. Ltd,

Managing Director Mr. Atsuo Maeda

GJC is a reliable company that accurately grasps its clients' needs and one that does its best in attending to them without delay.

GJC outshone the other Japanese recruitment agencies that we had engaged with their quick responses and competency in their referral of candidates who met our needs. GJC's great teamwork was readily evident as its staff, not just those overseeing our company's dealings, were concerted in attending to us swiftly and appropriately. It has also been of great help for GJC to have followed up on their candidates at opportune times even after joining us.

Watabe Singapore Pte Ltd

Director  Mr. Koichiro Toyama

Despite our challenging request for individuals experienced in the wedding industry, GJC patiently supplied us with candidates both from Singapore and abroad , with their perseverance ultimately paying off with our employment of their candidate. Although it warranted some time before our decision was made due to the need for Skype interviews with our head office, GJC willingly continued to bridge our company and the candidate together.

We have been greatly helped by GJC's kind assistance in matters pertaining to the candidate's visas and life in general even after employment and this has allowed him to be a part of our family without any concern. We feel an affinity with GJC's patience and their propensity to cogitate seriously in tandem with their clients .

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