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Check business manners before your interview

– Job Interview

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes earlier than the interview timing, to show your sincere appreciation and well-preparedness
  • In case you are going to be late, inform the employer’s HR department or interview coordinator about your estimated arrival time. Apologize and do not give too much excuse
  • Turn off your mobile phone or at least set it to silent mode
  • Refrain from using mobile phone/devices until you are outside of the office building
  • Scenario A: Be seated in the interview/meeting room and wait for the interviewer
    ※Stand up and greet the interviewer when he/she enters
  • Scenario B: Be guided to the meeting room where the interviewer is waiting for you
    ※Knock the door before entering – Enter and get seated only when you are told to do so



– Business/name card

  • Cards are presented and exchanged at an early stage in formal manner (normally after self-introduction and bowing)
  • Offer and receive card with both hands
  • When offering card, the card details should face toward the recipient for his/her ease of reading
  • Take short time to carefully read and memorize information on the card received
  • Upon receiving, place the card carefully on the table in front of you (senior person’s card on top when there is more than one card)

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