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Here is what some of our candidates have to say about Good Job Creations,

Case Study 01

I've got a lot of oppotunities for better jobs !

Mr. A (32 years old)

Good Job Creations had demonstrated a high level of professionalism during my placement in my current role. They went the extra mile to ensure they had a clear understanding of my expertise, capabilities, and requirements as a candidate, and ensured they provided me with an opportunity that meets my criteria. They were very proactive, thorough and followed up closely to ensure my interview process went smoothly. Moreover, they were very sincere in trying to provide me with the information I needed to take decisions accordingly.

Case Study 02

Great process for the new oppotunities.

Ms. B (36 years old)

It was a great pleasure to work together with Good Job Creations during the recruitment process. They provided me all the necessary information, and was a great interface between me and the employer. During all the recruitment process (phone interviews, face-to-face interviews, relocation), I want to emphasize two aspects. One is the friendly relation that was developed. During our phone conversations I never felt talking to a recruiter, but to a truly concerned person that is committed to finding the best compromise to all interested parties (employee, employer and recruiter). Secondly, I also want to remark on the great concern and availability shown after the recruitment process.

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